South Carolina Press Association serves SC newspapers since 1852

Oct. 25: Webinar: Key Trends in Mobile Advertising

Oct. 27: LegalEase Webinar: Submitting FOI Requests

Nov. 2-3: Driving Digital Revenue Conference, Atlanta, Ga.

Nov. 4: Free Distribution Newspaper Roundtable, SCPA Offices, Columbia

Nov. 11: Collegiate Editors Roundtable & Innovation Challenge, SCPA Offices, Columbia

Nov. 11: Webinar: Prospecting That Pays

Nov. 17: LegalEase Webinar: Fair Use and Copyright

Nov. 17: Webinar: Integrating Snapchat and Instagram into Your Newsroom

Nov. 18: News Contest and Associate/Individual Member Contest Entry Deadline

Dec. 2: Collegiate Contest Entry Deadline

Dec. 2: Hall of Fame nomination deadline

Dec. 9: Essentials of Illustrator Workshop, SCPA Offices, Columbia

Dec. 9: Webinar: Selling Strategically: How to Manage Your Time and Territory