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Reporter accomplishes his dream of owning a newspaper.

Bill Collins tells his experiences of owning a newspaper in Summerville, SC.

Louis Sossamon

Bill Collins

Born: 1942, Ware Shoals, S.C.

Newspaper History:
- The Sun News
- The Atlanta Journal
- The Summerville Journal Scene

Honors and Awards:
- President of SCPA

- University of South Carolina

Family: Married to Margret Cork

Books: I Hate to Discommode You but I'm on Deadline!

Video Interview

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To listen to the full interview, click here to download the raw audio.
The full interview is 45 minutes.

Interview Highlights (fast forward to hear about):
-Collins' start in newspapers and overview of stories covered (1:06-4:40)
-Beginning The Summerville Journal (4:41-10:07)
-Hurricane Hugo and its affect on Summerville (12:00-17:00)
-Impactful stories (17:08-19:23)
-Changes in newspaper and technology (19:30-22:38)
-South Carolina Politicians (23:15-28:48)
-How Collins became interested in journalism (28:55-32:05)
-SCPA Meetings (32:18-38:44)
-Politics in the paper (40:11-41:27)
-The Mayor of Summerville (41:28-42:20)

The Summerville Journal Scene
More about the Justowriter
Summerville, SC

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