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Remembering a long career at South Carolina weeklies and dailies

Former President of SCPA Women's Division.

Emily Cooper

Emily Bull Cooper

Born: October 24, 1939 in Atlanta, Georgia

Newspaper History:
-Women's editor, Aiken Standard, 
-News editor, Aiken Standard, 1974-1975
-Editor, Hilton Head Island Packet, 1975-1976
-Founder, Publisher, Edgefield County Press, 1976-1981
-General Manager and Executive Editor, The (Lexington) Dispatch-News, 1999-2001
-Editor, S.C. United Methodist Advocate, 2007-2010

Honors and Awards:
-South Carolina Press Association News Reporting
-President of the South Carolina Press Association's Women's Division, 1979-1980
-Annie King Newspaper Woman of the Year
-S.C. Agricultural Council, outstanding S.C. news writer, 1979, 1980
-Pickens-Salley Southern Woman of Distinction award at USC Aiken

-University of Tennessee
-University of South Carolina-Aiken
-University of South Carolina

Video Interview

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To listen to the full interview, click here to download the raw audio.
The full interview is 44 minutes.

Interview Highlights (fast forward to hear about):
-Introduction :00-2:37
-Eulalie Salley 2:39-3:08
-Stories on the county hospital: 2:09-3:21
-Becoming Women’s Editor 3:22-3:58
-Sam Cothran 4:00-4:28
-Women could be involved 4:31-5:58
-Being young and ambitious 5:59-6:28
-The man in the white suit 6:42-9:44
-Pat Conroy 9:45-10:29
-Lou Cassells 10:33-11:09
-Scott Hunter: 11:21-11:44
-Hilton Head Island Packet 12:18-13:56
-Governor Jim Edwards 13:58-14:10
-Hilton Head Island Packet stories 14:14-14:56
-A rape story at Hilton Head Island 14:57-16:40
-Going to Edgefield 16:41-17:54
-Starting an Edgefield newspaper 17:55-20:14
-“newspaper that tells it like it is” 21:40-21:55
-Racial problems 21:56-23:14
-Covering school boards 23:21-23:39
-Student teacher ratio in schools 23:40-27:30
-Jesse Jackson 27:32-28:19
-A breaking point in Edgefield 28:20-29:01
-Strom Thurmond 29:02-31:14
-Pug Ravenel 31:15-32:50
-Congressman Bryan Dorn 33:00-33:44
-Meetings behind closed doors 34:28-36:37
-SCPA Women’s Division 36:58-38:26
-After Edgefield 38:49-39:36
-Lexington Dispatch News 39:42-40:18
-Lucy Holcombe Pickens 40:19-40:31
-S.C. Methodist Advocate 40:43-41:52
-Queen of the Lost 41:53-42:06
- Toughest story to report 42:14-43:39

USC Aiken Honor
Queen of the Lost
Eulalie Salley
Aiken Standard
Hilton Head Island Packet
S.C. United Methodist Advocate

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