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Orangeburg publisher came up through the ranks

USC grad and former SCPA President reflects on career.

Cathy Hughes

Cathy Hughes

Born: May 2, 1950

Newspaper History:
-Ad Director, The Times and Democrat (1972)
-General Manager, The Times and Democrat
-Publisher, The Times and Democrat (1999-present)

Honors and Awards:
-Summa cum laude
-South Carolina Press Association President, 2003

BA in Journalism at the University of South Carolina, 1971

-Husband, Randy Hughes
-Daughters, Kelley H. Boetsch and Holley H. Van Horn
-Three granddaughters

Video Interview

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To listen to the full interview, click here to download the raw audio.
The full interview is 36 minutes.

Interview Highlights (fast forward to hear about):
-Introduction: 00-29
-Getting started: 31-1:38
-The business side of the Times and Democrat 1:39-2:18
-Newspaper competition 2:19-3:55
-Ad director, General Manager, Publisher 3:56-5:02
-Original family owners 5:03-5:39
-Harvard Group ownership 5:40-6:40
-Racial balance in newspapers 6:41-8:09
-Percentage of African American subscribers 8:10-8:53
-Toughest decision as a publisher 8:57-10:07
-Toughest stories are the tragic stories 10:08-10:59
-Covering S.C. State University 11:00-12:09
-Remembering Dean Livingston 12:14-14:50
-How to be remembered 14:52-15:06
-S.C. politicians 15:10-17:17
-Difference between 1970’s and now 17:30-21:39
-Earliest women publishers in S.C. 21:40-23:09
-S.C. Press meetings 23:13-24:36
-Advice for up-and-coming journalists 24:38-26:52
-A few thoughts on newspapering 27:18-28:35
-Remembering stories 28:57-29:54
-Hurricane Hugo 30:19-32:37
-The Times and Democrat fire of 1972 32:37-35:38
-Handwritten headlines 35:44-36:22

Recalling the Times and Democrat Fire of 1972
The Times and Democrat Fire of 1972

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