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Complete List of Interviews
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Bass, Jack -Charleston Journalist, Author and Professor
Bender, Jay - SCPA Attorney
Collins, Bill - The Summerville Journal Scene
Cooper, Emily
Davenport, Jim - The State and AP
Frazier, Herb
Harter, Lee - The Times and Democrat
Hughes, Cathy - The Times and Democrat
Hunter, Scott - Aiken Standard
Kilgus, Carl - The Advertizer-Herald
Kinney, William - Marlboro Herald-Advocate
Krell, Kent - The Columbia Record
Livingston, Dean - The Times and Democrat
Logan, Harry - Morning News
McLean, Tom - The Columbia Record
Osteen, Jr., Hubert - The Item
Price, Henry
Richardson, Bunny - The Columbia Record

Schulte, Hank
Shurr, John - The Associated Press
Sossamon, Louis - The Gaffney Ledger
Williams, Barbara - The Post and Courier

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