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Long-time weekly publisher, community leader

Carl Kilgus started career with handset type.

John Shurr

Carl Kilgus Sr.

Born: November 9, 1928 in Bamberg
Died: January 17, 2014

Newspaper History:
-The Bamberg Herald, 14 years
-Kilgus Printing Company
-The North Trade Journal, 1957-present
-The Advertizer
-The Advertizer-Herald, 1973- present
-The Santee Striper, 1987-present

Honors and Awards:
-Bamberg City Council
-Commissioner for the Bamberg Board of Public Works, 25 years
-Citizens Advisory Board at Bamberg Job Corps charter member, 26 years  
-Appointed in 1988 by Gov. Carroll Campbell to serve on the State Permanent Advisory Commission
-Named in 1997 by Gov. David Beasley as a South Carolina Ambassador for Economic Development
-Chairman of the Bamberg County -Economic Development Commission
-Bamberg County Airport commission
-Bamberg Fire Department, 30 years
-Bamberg Rescue Squad charter member
-Boy Scouts of America Silver Beaver Award, 1979
-Citizen of the Year for Bamberg County, 1979
-Volunteer of the Year for Bamberg County, 2003
- Superintendent of the Adult 1 Sunday School Department of First Baptist Church in Bamberg, 30 years

-Bamberg High School

Military Service:
-Bamberg National Guard, 12 years

-Wife, Betty Kilgus

Video Interview

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To listen to the full interview, click here to download the raw audio.
The full interview is 41 minutes.

Interview Highlights (fast forward to hear about):
-Carl Kilgus Introduction :00- 45
-Remembering R.M. Hitt  1:02-2:13
-Running Intertypes 2:14-7:44
-Difference between intertype and linotype keyboards 8:12-8:40
-Setting hand type: 8:41-8:50
-California Job Box 8:5-10:14
-Job Press 10:41-11:39
-Starting the Advertizer 11:40-12:01
-The Gift of the Bamberg Herald 12:02-13:01
-Changed the name to Advertizer-Herald 13:01-14:26
-Bamberg County Times 14:27-14:54
-Learning photography 15:07-15:57
-Their first home 15:58-18:06
-Betty involved in the newspaper 18:08-18:57
-Family business 19:00-20:01
-44 employees 20:03-21:40                           
-Times & Democrat fire 21:50-23:30
-Widespread circulation 23:43-25:47
-Carol Barker 25:48-27:25
-Floyd Spence 27:36-27:48
-Strom Thurmond 27:55-28:18
-Betty & Social Writing 29:40-29:52
-Betty and Karl 29:57-30:27
-Big stories in Bamberg 30:29-32:06
-Biggest bulk mailers in S.C.  32:08-33:13
-Newspaper Business 35:30-35:40
-Missing the newspaper business 35:49-36:02
-Carl’s newspaper days: 36:11-39:04
-The Internet 39:05-39:47
-Transitioning from linotype to tapes 39:50-40:54

Carl Lane Kilgus Sr. Obituary
“Longtime Bamberg newspaper publisher remembered as ‘community servant,” The Times and Democrat
“Kilgus Honored for Public Service,” The Advertizer-Herald

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