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Journalist has deep-seated roots in Marlboro County.

William Kinney has pride in the people Marlboro County and his family owned and operated newspaper.

Louis Sossamon

William Kinney

Born: October 26, 1933

Newspaper History:
- 1972 to present, Marlboro Herald-Advocate

Honors and Awards:
- President of the Marlboro Historical Society
-Chairman of the Marlboro County Historic Preservation Commission
-Founding member of the Marlboro County Development Board
-Vice-chairman of the Bennettesville Downtown Development Association
-1972-73 President of the South Carolina Press Association
-1992-94 President of the S.C. Press Association Foundation
-Harris Award for Editorial Writing, 1966
-University of South Carolina College of Journalism's Diamond Circle Award

- BS from Wofford College
- BA from the University of South Carolina

Military Service: U.S. Army

Family: Daughter, Elisabeth Kinney McNiel

Video Interview

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To listen to the full interview, click here to download the raw audio.
The full interview is 1 hour and 6 minutes.

Interview Highlights (fast forward to hear about):
-The history of the Marlboro Herald-Advocate (16:56-23:41)
-The Dutchess of Marlboro/SCPA Women's Division (23:44-27:26)
-The tornado of 1984 (27:32-32:39)
-Lost Trust (32:44-35:16)
-Sen. Jack Lindsay (35:22-38:18)
-Sen. Strom Thurmond (38:37-43:06)
-A newspaper family (47:29-55:13)
-Civil Rights in Marlboro County (55:26-1:01:48)
-Advice to future journalists (1:01:54-1:03:00)
-Thoughts on retirement (1:03:03-1:05:08)
-How Kinney wants to be remembered as a journalist (1:05:12-1:06:23)

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