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From humble beginnings at a high school newspaper.
Bunny Richardson recalls her love for reporting and over 25 years of experience in newspapers.

Louis Sossamon

Bunny Richardson

Born: 1951 in Columbia, S.C., but grew up in Williston, SC
Died: Dec. 31, 2014

Newspaper History:
-Williston Way (High School)
-The Columbia Record
-The State Newspaper (Combined 25 years)
-BMW Manufacturing (Corporate Communications)

Honors and Awards:
-The Hampton Award for Reporters
-Numerous SCPA Awards
-Served on the SCPA Executive Committee

-1973 University of South Carolina BA in Journalism

Video Interview

There are two audio files for this interview. To listen to the full interview of the first audio file, click here to download the raw audio. The first file is 16 minutes.

To listen to the full interview of the second audio file, click here to download the raw audio. The second file is 42 minutes.

Interview Highlights, File One (fast forward to hear about):
- Introduction and Newspaper Background (0:23-2:15)
- About the Columbia Record (2:22-3:30)
- Covering Pee Wee Gaskins (3:49-4:43)
- The State vs. The Record (5:59-7:25)
- The Alumni of The Record (8:56-12:02)
- Coverage of Civil Rights and Women's Coverage (12:19-14:30)

Interview Highlights, File Two (fast forward to hear about):
- Covering SC Legislature and lessons learned (2:09-7:29)
- Environmental Issues (7:52-8:50)
- The most emotional stories (9:00-11:36)
- Duties of the newspaper (12:00-12:46)
- Calling in stories (12:59-15:15)
- Advice for up-and-coming journalists (15:24-17:13)
- Changes in newspaper technology (17:28-19:10)
- Working with Bobby Hitt (19:15-21:01)
- Working with Tom McLean (21:08-22:24)
- Almost becoming president of SCPA/ Finally leaving newspapers (22:24-24:50)
- Working with Charlie Byars (31:23-33:55)
- Humble beginnings as a writer (3357-35:57)
- A member of the first senior semester at USC/ Influences from professors (35:58-39:35)
- How she wants to be remembered as a journalist (39:45-41:33)

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