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Veteran journalist, retired USC professor

Former SCPA writing coach gives industry perspective.

Hank Schulte

Hank Schulte

Born: September 8, 1925
Died: January 29, 2019

Newspaper History:
-Miami Daily News
-Winter Haven Daily
-State editor, Louisville Times
-Reporter, St. Petersburg Times
-Copydesk, St. Petersburg Times
-St. Petersburg Times, night city editor
-St. Petersburg Times, day city editor
-Nashville Tennessean, Sunday editor
-Savannah Morning News and Evening Press, managing editor
-Chicago Daily News, Sunday editor
-Ohio State University, Kiplinger program
-S.C. Press Association, consultant
-University of South Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communications, associate professor  

Honors and Awards:
-Second place in Florida Newspaper contest on Deadline Reporting, St. Petersburg Times 
- First place in General Excellence from the National Newspaper Association, Savannah Morning News (For three years)

BA in Journalism, University of Miami

Military Service:
US Navy

Video Interview

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To listen to the full interview, click here to download the raw audio.
The full interview is 1 hour and 1 minute.

Interview Highlights (fast forward to hear about):
-Introduction 00-:59
-Selling the Miami Daily News 1:07-1:40
-Becoming editor of prep school newspaper 1:41-2:11
-Winter Haven Daily 2:16-3:42
-Louisville 3:43-3:51
-The St. Petersburg Times 3:53-4:12
-Nashville Tennessean 4:15- 4:30
-The Savannah Morning News Lowcountry Edition 4:31-5:33
-Birth of the Island Packet 5:38-7:19
-Civil Rights at the Savannah Morning News 7:26- 8:56
-Friends in South Carolina 8:58-9:52
-Alvah Chapman 9:55-11:34
-Reporters going national 11:44-13:02
-Selling the Savannah Morning News 13:03-14:34
-New coverage of Civil Rights movement 15:03-17:54
-James Holderman 18:32-20:20
-Chicago Daily News and the snow 22:23-24:37
-Cape Canaveral tragedy 24:39-26:35
-First extra at St. Petersburg Times 26:38-27:23
-Last extra: the Kennedy assassination 27:24-2808
-Future of newspapers 28:10-29:52
-How newspapers were constructed in the early days 30:10-33:06
-University of Miami Photography class 33:20-34:49
-Photography in the early days 34:50-35:32
-ROP color at the Tennessean 35:34-38:41
-Working with unions 38:53-41:38
-School strike43:02-42:59
-Advice for new journalists 44:17-45:55
-Kiplinger program at Ohio State 46:13-48:40
-Teaching at Marshall University and meeting Bill Rogers 50:34-51:18
-Doug Fisher 51:19-51:36
-Mark Rappaport and Diane Frea 52:03-53:48
-Copydesk before computers 54:04-57:59
-Being remembered 58:09-58:50
-Ethics 58:51-1:01:20

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