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The first woman editor of a daily newspaper in South Carolina.
Barbara Williams recalls being the only woman in the news room and what it was like reporting on goverment.

Louis Sossamon

Barbara Williams

Born: Kentucky

Newspaper History:
-The News and Courier
-Camden (N.J.) Courier Post
-The Evening Post
-The Post and Courier

Honors and Awards:
-President of the National Conference of Editorial Writers
-Byliner Award from the Central Chapter Sigma Delta Chi
-South Carolina Newspaper Woman of the Year
-South Carolina Hospital Association Press Award

-University of Tennessee, BS in Journalism
-Attended UT College of Law
-Honorary Doctor of Journalism from The Citadel

Family: Married for 49 years to the late Charleston artist, Manning Williams

Video Interview
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To listen to the full interview, click here to download the raw audio.
The full interview is 45 minutes.

Interview Highlights (fast forward to hear about):
-Introduction/Start in the newspaper business (1:00-5:47)
-Being the only female reporter (5:58-7:43)
-Reporters covering committees (7:53-9:29)
-Legislative changes (9:36-11:02)
-Shortage of reporters (11:11-12:00)
-Biggest stories of reporting career (12:07-19:03)
-Hurricane Hugo (22:16-24:13)
-The evolution of the Post and Courier (25:48-28:37)
-The hardest story (28:43-35:26)
-Moving from reporting to editing (37:16-39:42)
-Advice to future journalists (44:45-47:00)

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