Freedom of Information Act

The S.C. FOIA - This is the entire text of the law. This page does not include the plain language explanations written by SCPA. These interpretations are only available in the FOIA booklet. The latest revision of The Public Official's Guide to Compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, SCPA's FOIA booklet, is available now for download in PDF format. The entire text of the law is contained in this booklet, as well as a section by section explanation of the law. These plain language interpretations were written by SCPA Attorney Jay Bender and FOI Committee Chairman Emeritus John Shurr. Download FOI Booklet.

Printed booklets of The Public Official's Guide to Compliance with the Freedom of Information Act are $3 each including shipping and can be ordered by email. Order your printed FOI Booklet.

Check out our new Citizen's Guide to the FOIA.

How to file an FOI request

How to respond to an FOI request

Other state laws and regulations deal with the release of public information: Click here for a detailed report done by USC graduate student, Katie Beck.

What to do when they close court or meeting

Cameras in the Courtroom

Visit these websites for more
FOI information

Open Government Guide for South Carolina
Prepared by SCPA Attorney Jay Bender for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. This online guide includes:
- New categories, including access to government budgets, epidemiological records and economic development records.
- More specific category breakdowns on access to email, real estate and investigatory records, which enable users to better find and compare information.

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
The RCFP is one of the major sources of information on what's happening in media law and publishes News Media and Law, a comprehensive examination of media law issues and cases.

Freedom of Information Center: University of Missouri
The Missouri FOI Center maintains a national clearinghouse on access to information from the federal to the state level, along with files on many journalism topics dating back to its founding in 1958.

National Freedom of Information Coalition
This umbrella organization for the state freedom of information groups holds a yearly conference to discuss problems in the states. Their website provides contact information for all state FOI groups and other related links.